Naturally vs. Artificially Alkaline Water: Why Natural is the Way to Go

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Many people who are looking to improve their health have started drinking alkaline water because of its many potential advantages, including cellular acidity reduction, pH level regulation, anti-aging effects, and protection against chronic illnesses. The benefits also include weight loss, relief from gastrointestinal problems and acid reflux, support for heart health, and even a decrease in headache intensity and frequency.

But not all alkaline waters are made equal—a significant characteristic that is sometimes ignored. Most of the commercially available alkaline waters are made through a chemical process called electrolysis, and this artificial method might have certain drawbacks of its own.

What distinguishes natural alkaline spring water then?

Natural spring water accumulates a range of organic alkaline minerals that affect its pH values as it meanders over porous rocks. This so-called “living” alkaline water has a naturally higher pH than ordinary tap water, usually around 8 or 9, as opposed to the neutral pH of tap water, which is 7. This increased pH helps the body balance out any unwanted acidity.

The minerals that the spring’s rocks convey are what give natural alkaline water its genuine worth, though. Unexpectedly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends against ingesting low-mineral, chemically generated alkaline water. This is due to the possibility of major negative effects from routinely consuming artificially alkaline water.

Why should you use manufactured alkaline water with caution?

By exposing tap water to platinum and titanium plates, machines used to produce artificially alkaline water through ionisation or electrolysis essentially break down water molecules, raising the pH. Unfortunately, this procedure fails to remove the well-known hazardous chemicals in tap water, such as chlorine, fluorides, aluminium, and, occasionally, pesticides, instead replacing the naturally infused minerals with trace levels of dangerous metals.

Natural alkaline water supports your body’s alkaline mineral stores, both those you inherit and those you gain through a balanced diet, in contrast to artificial alkaline water. Contrarily, synthetic alkaline water tricks your body into thinking there is enough alkalinity, causing it to discharge its reserves of alkaline minerals through the kidneys, which eventually results in mineral deficiencies and other health problems.

The importance of picking the correct source is underscored by the indisputable advantages of the minerals found in naturally occurring living water, including improved hydration, detoxification, and general wellbeing. It is wise to choose spring water or water from naturally occurring pools because they have a long history of encouraging health.

The secret to finding natural alkaline water is to carefully read the labels. Examining the components list is a good idea because real natural alkaline water always has a high concentration of minerals in milligrammes. The choice between naturally alkaline and artificially alkaline water is obvious when pursuing optimal health and fitness.

Advantages of Choosing Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Due to a dearth of scientific study in this field and the absence of solid proof for some assertions, alkaline water is rather contentious. Several research indicate alkaline water may benefit your health in particular ways,

1.Increased hydration

Your body is better hydrated when you drink alkaline water. Smaller water cluster sizes in alkaline water make it simpler for the body to absorb and properly hydrate. Additionally, it might make fluid replacement more effective, particularly during times of high physical activity.

  1. Relieving acid reflux

The high pH of alkaline water can help neutralise excess stomach acid and temporarily alleviate symptoms of acid reflux. But dealing with the underlying reasons of acid reflux requires expert help.

  1. Woman with disjointed bones with better bone health iStock

Alkaline water, which is high in calcium and magnesium, may benefit bone health, according to some research. These elements are essential for preserving healthy bones and lowering the incidence of osteoporosis.

4.Kidney stones

Kidney stones can be neutralised by alkaline water.

Due to its high pH, alkaline water may help avoid some kidney stones, especially those that develop in an acidic environment. It is thought that the alkalinity of the water helps reduce the production of stones by neutralising excess acid in the urine.


In conclusion, the decision between alkaline spring water that naturally occurs and alkaline water that is made artificially has a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. With possible advantages like cellular acidity reduction, pH level stabilisation, and anti-aging effects, alkaline water has become more and more popular as a health-conscious option. However, there is a big variance depending on where the alkalinity comes from.

Natural alkaline spring water has a pH level that supports the body’s acid equilibrium since it is fortified with organic alkaline minerals found in porous rocks. In addition to having a naturally higher pH, this “living” water also contains minerals that contribute to its health-improving qualities. On the other hand, synthetic alkaline water, which is frequently created by procedures like electrolysis, may be deficient in these crucial minerals and even include minute levels of harmful compounds.

The possible downsides of this strategy are highlighted by the World Health Organization’s warning against low-mineral, chemically manufactured alkaline water. The equipment used to produce artificial alkaline water has the potential to change its composition, robbing it of its beneficial minerals while preserving the dangerous compounds found in tap water.

The significance of choosing the correct water source cannot be emphasised while attempting to achieve maximum health and wellbeing. Natural alkaline spring water promotes the consumption of advantageous minerals that have supported health for ages. It is obtained from time-tested springs or naturally existing pools.

Remember to carefully read labels and ingredient lists as you start your road towards better health with alkaline water to find real, natural alkaline water with a high mineral concentration. Your decision between natural and synthetic alkaline water could have a big impact on how well you end up feeling, which would be in keeping with your aim of obtaining holistic wellbeing.