Human body is 60% water. Amidst all our efforts for a healthy lifestyle from exercises to diet plans to adequate sleep, we neglect the most crucial aspect, WATER. Did you know that the bottled water you have been drinking is Desalinated, chlorine treated & devoid of all the minerals? So, what we have been consuming for 60% of our body is basically unnatural, chemically treated & tasteless water.

Amidst the preservative-driven world, we understand how necessary is to have your drinking water untouched, naturally filtered & appropriately mineral balanced/mineral-enriched. Ceysu is proud to be the pioneer in supplying “Natural Spring water” directly sourced from the Tekirpinari spring in Taurus Mountains, Turkey. The healthiest water, unripped of its mineral composition, true to its taste & naturally sourced from the spring straight to your table.

Will you co-operate in choosing natural spring water for your own health?

Alkaline with a pH of 8.13

31,78 mg/L

1,56 mg/L

Naturally sourced


The products, which we serve for your consumption, are chemical and microbiological tested after they are produced in our high-tech production line. You can find current analysis reports of Ceysu Natural Spring Water, which you can safely drink.


750 ml Glass Bottle

200 ml Cup

200 ml Pet Water

330 ml Pet Bottle

500 ml Pet Bottle

1 Lt Pet Water

1.5 Lt Pet Bottle

5 Lt Pet Bottle

330 ml Glass Bottle

6 x 1.5ltr

12 x 0.5ltr

12 x 330ml