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What makes natural alkaline water so unique that it has won over the health conscious? Why did you choose it over standard bottled water and what health benefits does it offer?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking solutions.

Water is good for you.  Water is really good for you. As consumers, we have many different bottled waters to choose from: “natural” spring water, vitamin or mineral water, flavored waters with natural fruit essence, added carbonated and alkaline waters. The bottled water industry has grown every year since 1977, with annual sales exceeding $20 billion.

Health-conscious people are looking for products that are more functional and offer more benefits. Alkaline water is always said to make you healthier and more hydrated and offers many other health benefits. The most common health claim made by alkaline water manufacturers is the promise to cleanse the body of toxins and fight the acidity of the Western diet. It is based on the belief that acidic properties placed in the body and blood are the reason or cause of ill health and disease and must be neutralized.

In this blog, we’ll explain the fundamentals of alkaline water, outline its health benefits, and show you how to get natural alkaline mineral water quickly and affordably. then read:

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water, often referred to as alkaline ionised water, is water that is sold commercially and has a high pH level.  The pH scale measures the water’s acid-base equilibrium. Natural water typically has a pH between 6.5 and 8.5, which is controlled by the carbon dioxide-bicarbonate-carbonate balancing mechanism.  Acidic water is produced when there is an increase in the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in the water. Alkaline water is created when the pH of the water is raised as a result of the lower carbon dioxide content.

The corrosion of water, which is simply a measurement of how damaging water is to metals in water distribution systems, is influenced by the pH of the water. Corrosive water has the power to dissolve plumbing metals, primarily copper and lead, which raises the amount of metal in drinking water and causes a number of health issues.

Alkaline water is less corrosive than acidic water with a pH below 7. Therefore, one of the greatest ways to lessen the corrosive effects of water is to treat it with alkaline chemicals to raise its pH.

What Is Alkaline Spring Water?

The easiest way to answer the question “What is Alkaline Spring Water?” is to first define both alkaline water and spring water. Groundwater with a high pH that originates from a natural spring is called alkaline spring water. A source is when groundwater enters the earth from an aquifer, which is a body of water-soaked permeable rock, sand, or mud. There are numerous distinct springs, and they are all categorised using a quantity known as “big number” that represents how much water they release. There are 8 levels of magnitude. Size 1 springs release 2,800 litres of water every second, whereas size 8 springs release less than 8 millilitres. Historical sources without flow are categorized as “Size 0”.

What Is Natural Alkaline Spring Water?

In the case of naturally occurring alkaline spring water, the term “natural” refers to the fact that there is no drilling or well-pumping involved in the spring water’s ascent from an aquifer. Compressing porous, water-bearing, water-bearing material (rock, mud, sand, shale, rubble) with impermeable material can produce the pressure required for the development of a natural spring. We refer to this as “narrow water.” When drilling a well, like in the instance of the “Artesian well,” the ground water can also be utilized. Although an underground water source may be remarkably similar to a spring, the process of raising water to the surface is mechanical rather than natural. Water rises into the well when drilling into a pressure-filled fluid.


Now that you are aware of what alkaline spring water is, is it healthy for you? Alkaline spring water is safe to use and may have additional health advantages over other types of bottled or tap water. Alkaline water proponents and several studies indicate that it can:

  1. By enabling the body to store and utilise more water, hydration is increased.
  2. Boost bone health. Skin looks healthier as a result. aids with weight loss.
  3. According to a Japanese study, “Daily consumption of alkaline electrolyzed water containing Vitamins affects human health, including gastrointestinal symptoms.” reduce gastrointestinal symptoms such heartburn, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and constipation.
  4. Treat acid reflux disease in accordance with the recommendations made in the study “Potential Benefits of PH 8.8 Alkaline Drinking Water as an Adjunctive Treatment for Acid Reflux Disease.”
  5. Combat high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol, according to the findings of the study “Effects of Electrolytic High-PH Alkaline Water on Blood Viscosity in Healthy Adults.”

Anyone on a health quest should consider drinking spring water because of its naturally high pH. It is wise to choose alkaline spring water for irrigation, such as CEYSU Water. Natural high grade minerals found in CEYSU Alkaline Water make it a fantastic approach to encourage hydration as part of your wellness routine. You should be conscious of what you drink if you are conscious of what you eat. Did you know that a bioavailable source of necessary natural minerals is natural mineral water?

We obtain minerals through food, not from our bodies, which do not manufacture them. The bioavailability of minerals in natural mineral water like CEYSU is quite good and comparable to values seen in milk, according to research. The health-promoting minerals you get from a balanced diet are complemented by the balanced natural composition of CEYSU, which includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, silica, bicarbonates, salt, and an alkaline pH of 8.

These minerals, especially when added to a healthy diet, are extremely protective of heart health, mood, and cognitive function, promote bone density, improve digestion, lower acidity, and can help avoid deficiencies that result in disorders like osteoporosis. Natural mineral water that is naturally alkaline and has a pH level near to 8 that is collected from a protected natural source does not require ionization or other purifying techniques.

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