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We’ve recently learned that being adequately hydrated involves more than just soothing our thirst. Due to its possible health advantages, particularly when it comes to protecting our kidneys, alkaline spring water, a unique kind of water with a higher pH level, has gained a lot of popularity. The Ceysu Water Company is aware of the value of this distinctive water source and how it may help reduce the risk of kidney disease. In this post, we’ll examine how alkaline spring water works and how it might actually be able to help maintain kidney function.

Understanding Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Whether it comes from springs naturally or has undergone certain treatments, alkaline water has a pH level higher than 7. The pH scale can be used to gauge how acidic or basic something is, with 7 acting as neutrality in the middle. The pH range of alkaline water typically ranges from 8 to 10. We refer to water that naturally absorbs healthy elements from the ground and rocks, such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, as alkaline spring water. Its increased pH is a result of these minerals.

How Your Kidneys Might Benefit from Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Maintaining pH Balance: Drinking alkaline spring water may aid in keeping your body’s pH levels in balance. While our bodies do their best to maintain pH balance on their own, drinking alkaline water may help them along and lessen the effort our kidneys have to put in.

Supporting Kidney Function: Our kidneys play a key role in filtering toxins and waste from our blood. They must stay hydrated in order to function. By assisting this filtering process, alkaline spring water, with its unique mineral composition, can actually help our kidneys function at their best.

Combating Oxidative Stress: Oxidative stress results from an imbalance between our body’s beneficial antioxidants and potentially damaging free radicals. Kidney issues are one of the chronic illnesses that might result from this. According to some research, alkaline water’s antioxidants may help battle oxidative stress, which is beneficial for the health of our kidneys.

Preventing Kidney Stones: Our kidneys are where minerals and other substances collect and harden to become kidney stones. Magnesium and citrate, two minerals found in alkaline spring water, may aid in the prevention of some kidney stone forms.

Keeping Blood Pressure Under Control: Kidney problems are more likely to occur when blood pressure is high. According to some research, drinking alkaline water may help control blood pressure, which is beneficial for the health of our kidneys.

Your body’s natural detoxification process and the kidneys

Your kidneys usually don’t require much assistance if you are young and in excellent health. However, kidney function tends to diminish beyond the age of 30, and if you have trouble losing weight, chronic metabolic acidosis, a brief condition in which your blood pH goes below safe levels, may be overtaxing your kidneys. If so, alkaline water might be an excellent option to help your kidneys cope with the acid load.

The world’s best system for detoxification includes your kidneys. They filter your blood 70 times a day from your full supply. Toxins that your kidneys can’t handle are usually safely eliminated by your liver, which breaks them down. However, under situations of metabolic acidosis, that mechanism becomes less effective, allowing dangerous poisons to continue to circulate in the blood. You may swiftly raise the pH of your urine (it takes around 30 minutes) and improve the performance of your detoxification system by consuming alkaline water.

Routinely Drinking Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Although alkaline spring water has the potential to improve kidney health, it is only one component of the jigsaw. Drinking water is only one aspect of maintaining good health. It involves eating healthily, exercising regularly, and paying attention to your body.

It’s a good idea to speak with a healthcare provider before changing up your habit and beginning to drink more alkaline spring water, especially if you have kidney troubles or other health issues. Depending on your particular health situation, they can offer you tailored counsel.

Ceysu Water: A Tour of Excellence and Quality

Ceysu began operations in 2003 and has advanced significantly since then, solidifying its position as a market leader with an increasing distribution network and outstanding production capabilities.

Our narrative began with the creation of plastic bottles and cups, and as time has gone on, Ceysu has become a well-known name in the industry. We have engraved our name in the annals of the industry with unrelenting dedication and a commitment to quality.

Disclosing the Source: Saklkent’s Tekirpnar Spring

The Tekirpnar spring, located 2000 metres above sea level in Turkey’s magnificent Taurus Mountains, is at the centre of Ceysu’s brilliance. Nature’s unadulterated gift, complete with its original mineral makeup, surges forth here. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we painstakingly create Ceysu without any involvement from people. Our facility in Antalya, which strictly abides by the highest standards of hygienic practises and security, is a cutting-edge production centre not only in Turkey but also in the rest of Europe.

The Superior Taste Award: Elevating Taste and Quality

Ceysu’s consistency in winning the Superior Taste Award given out by the Institute of International Taste and Quality finest exemplifies its commitment to excellence. Ceysu is now the most esteemed spring water brand in Turkey thanks to this incredible accomplishment that spanned the years 2013 to 2016. It demonstrates our unwavering dedication to providing an unrivalled drinking experience.


The Ceysu is aware of the hype around alkaline spring water and its potential benefits for renal health. While further research is needed to completely comprehend all the advantages, alkaline spring water’s minerals and higher pH level suggest that it has favourable impacts on kidney health. Always remember that speaking with a medical professional is a good idea when it comes to your health. After all, your wellbeing is a result of a variety of decisions you make that contribute to a healthier, happier you.

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